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December 17, 2012



Listen: B.M.W.

   2012 has been a turbulent year for one of Florida’s darkest natives, the elusive SpaceGhostPurrp. On one hand he found himself being dissed by a long time colleague who stole his success formula and went on to clean the bank. On the other hand Purrp’s own output has been something to acknowledge and admire. There’s the astonishing debut album, one of the best of last year. Oh and there’s also a good number of standalone tracks that he dropped throughout the later parts of 2012. All of those and a sizable number of new material ends up on Purrp’s last release of last year, B.M.W. EP, a mixtape, not an actual EP.

   Black Man’s Wealth follows closely from where Purrp has left off with his previous mixtapes. It’s music that emphasises its own mood by avoiding the crystal clear sounds that may actually earn Purrp some money and mainstream spotlight. One benefit that he has straight from the start is the fact that he produces his own instrumentals. B.M.W. EP has a natural sense of flow and consistency that is unsurprisingly stronger than the one on Mysterious Phonk which in the end was a collection of previously released material first, an full length record second. On B.M.W. EP SpaceGhostPurrp further steps up his skills as a producer while the whole tape could be seen as a throwback to his early days. Tracks on here are lo-fi with a clarity for the central elements: beats and rhymes. Purrp’s words are easy to make out and percussion in classic southern fare. The rest of the typical instrumental on here features buried claustrophobic keyboards and noise that was largely absent from Mysterious Phonk. Purrp has always painted an intimidating character but even with his skills as a producer already in mind, the beats on here are among his best yet.

   Lyrically Black Man’s Wealth is not going to win Purrp any new fans that he hasn’t won over already. Most of the track titles here speak for themselves and the topics are something that Purrp always rhymes about anyway. This isn’t about his wealth but rather the problems and pleasures that wealth brings along with it. Many of the tracks on here feature the same moan sample from Suck A Dick 2012 off Mysterious Phonk and unsurprisingly, the sexual matter is more of the same too. However, the darker instrumental tones gives the sexual imagery here an even more unsettling point of view. Strip Club Still Stickin for example, has a buried sample in it that sounds like it could come from anywhere but a strip club. Hell, to me it sounds like one of the moments off SNES era Castlevania’s soundtrack. How She Moan has a buried trumpet fanfare as a hook in the chorus, coming across as both catchy and demented. That’s exactly how eclectic Purrp is on B.M.W. EP. Throughout the thirteen tracks on here he brings up many interesting production choices to mask his sometimes lacklustre rhymes. Black Man’s Wealth is best experienced through good headphones, there’s a lot of smoke to inhale here and a lot of details to absorb. This protagonist isn’t about the words he tells, it’s all about the visuals he paints.

   B.M.W. EP is another strong release from a man that seems to be stepping up his game with every new piece of material he drops. The only big complaint on here is that the tracks finish abruptly and without any warning. And we’re not talking about Purrp not tying up the ends before he leaves, no, the tracks literally cut off in what feels like a middle of the beat. Clearly an intentional choice considering that every single track on here suffers from this but ultimately, it’s an annoying choice. Black Man’s Wealth may suggest that SpaceGhostPurrp has a bigger future as a style defining producer rather than rapper but while it’s the beats on here that make this a brilliant free mixtape, Purrp brings just enough tip to make it shower. Considering what we already seen, beware, next time he comes he’ll bring even more.

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